Investment lands in Masuria


Masuria – a true wonder of nature – enchants everyone who visited this place at least once and is considering buying a lake plot. Purchasing a plot in Masuria without verifying the ground and in-depth formal analysis may prove to be an error, and a dream of a house on a lake will remain just a plan. We will advise you on what to pay attention to in the first place when going through announcements, what to ask plot owners about and how to verify documents related to lands.

Purchasing a plot is definitely more complicated than choosing a flat, a house or an apartment. Such an investment entails also longer time for the investment to bring profits and lower liquidity than in the case of flat or home rental. On the other hand, however, land investments are related to significantly lower fixed costs. My grandfather used to say: “Land does not ask to be fed”.

Why Masuria?

There are many reasons, but let’s focus on the most important ones:

– Masuria is a region where land is still among the cheapest ones in Poland.

– Limited supply of land and a relatively quickly growing wealth of the society have resulted in an increased movement on the market.

– Significant road investments in the region, which will shorten by half the time of travel from the nearby main cities, such as Warsaw.

– Low risk – currently, plots are purchased mainly as an investment. An important factor related to purchasing a land in comparison with the purchase of, for example, a flat is its practically cost-free maintenance, while a flat requires an obligatory monthly rental fee.

– Recreational value – apart from anti-inflation benefits, land purchase offers value also in the recreational/holiday context.


Personally, PlanoInvest’s roots lie in Masuria, which brings us a number of advantages in carrying out sale and purchase transactions.

Why you should cooperate with us:

* Trouble-free transactions (We conduct a full formal and legal analysis of the land before its purchase, we point out to the purchaser areas of risk and present possibilities of how to mitigate that risk).

* Select offer (The lands we offer have already been initially verified in terms of risk, and those which did not meet our standards were discarded).

* A well-worked-out and efficient Business Model based on and developed in line with our own experience.

* Support from experts working on the local market.


Several projects from our current Portfolio:


*Krzywe Settlement: A project consisting in dividing 2,8 ha of construction land into 16 smaller plots, each with registered access to the lake through a shoreline plot.

A charming place offering peace and quiet, but at the same time close to Masurian towns.